city 9

/via tumblr/

i’m thinking maybe some day
we’ll meet again when we’re older
a little different, yet the same
and we’ll be right for each other
but for now, i’m a hurricane in your mind
and you’re poison to my soul


it’s been long, y’all.

here’s an update: as of end-april, i’ve been accepted into and will be spending the next 3 years of my life in design school. *grins*

those last few months of stressing over my future has officially ended, and i can’t express how utterly grateful i am for that. so worth it, tbh.

everything’s so new, so different, very hectic, and i’m loving every moment of it.

but i also don’t remember the last time i was this exhausted.

even as i’m now able to pursue one of my biggest passions, writing has to, regretfully, take a back seat. for now.

i’ll be back soon!! i promise.

but apart from vague lecturers, confusing (aRTSY) assignments, and eyebags, i’m doing well. i hope you are too 🙂

till next time x


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