Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

i wonder if anyone talks about me
when i’m not around

maybe i’m that friend
who had a funny story to tell

maybe i’m that random stranger on the bus
reading their favorite book

maybe i’m that girl
who helped them with something

maybe, just maybe
i’m someone’s favorite person

do i linger in their memories
like a sweet aftertaste?

or am i forgettable
somebody they never noticed?


liiittle update: so i didn’t get into a few schools i wanted to, but i did get shortlisted to do an entrance test for another school !! except, it’s in 2 weeks and even though they have the syllabus for the exam on their website, i haven’t learnt like at least 3/4 of their science (i never took physics). major sighs.

it’s winter break next week though, so that’s cool. at least i’ll have a bit of a break from school. :))

thanks @anyone who’s ever taken the effort to encourage me in the comments on any of my posts. it means a lot :”)

anyways, hope you liked this!


have a good day x


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