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truth be told, sometimes
i think i can’t resist
putting my heart in danger’s way
if only for the poetry it’ll spawn
that i love so much
the kind of poetry
that’s only revealed
when one is touched
with the deepest anguish


IT’S BEEN SO LONG OHMY. i really wanted to post an update a few weeks back but christmas break was honestly what felt like the busiest 2 weeks of my life. and then school started last week, and i’m already drowning in work. also, i’m planning to transfer schools like next month, so there’s the issue of applications and all SIGH.

i honestly don’t know how i’m still sane.

oh well.

if you’re still here, thanks for staying 🙂

also, i hope you liked this!! i have a few other things i want to post, but they’re still unedited. but i think i could get them up soon so stay tuned!!



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