goodbye, summer


/via tumblr/

whew, it has been one heck of a summer.

on one hand, i’m just really pumped to start studying again and having a proper schedule (this is always me at the end of every summer tbh). unfortunately, this excitement never lasts long. i give it two weeks this time, tops.

on the other hand, i’m definitely going to miss my books. and my shows. and my writing. and my art. and just going out (who am i kidding, i’m mostly too lazy to go out anyway). and OH yes, sleeping in.

but honestly, i think i’m just looking forward to writing notes and making them pretty (plus super cool anatomical drawings for bio, let’s go!!).

i actually really want to do well this year, so i’m going to try super hard to not be (too) distracted by stuff. which might mean less posts on here (i’m so typical ugh sorry, guys).

but i promise i won’t neglect all of this. even if my posts might be a lot less frequent than they are now.

anyways, i hope y’all enjoyed your summer breaks!! mine was mostly unproductive, but it wasn’t bad:)) but press on, you guys!! christmas is practically round the corner!! i can feel the cold…the snow…oh, jokes. we don’t have winter here. nor fall. which sucks, because i think those are the prettiest seasons.

i need to stop rambling. and sidetracking. i do that a lot.

okay…well, so. enjoy the last of summer, y’all!!



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