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the harsh, grating sound of wheels against stony ground drew attention to a grand-ish sort of carriage, not extraordinarily so, but decorated enough to show its owners’ wealth. a pair of birds looked up from their pecking, before hopping away hurriedly as it trundled past near them.

there was a girl in the carriage. her arm rested against the window sill, pushing past embroidered curtains. she gazed longingly out at the wild fields passing by them bathed in warm, friendly sunlight.

she envied the birds their freedom. they got to fly free, unopposed in clear skies while she, well, was on her way to her possible betrothal. she had never even met the man before, she thought bitterly. and she was going to marry him.

“come out of the sun, dear. you’ll ruin your complexion,” her mother fussed, tugging at her arm. she relented, if a little hesitantly, and leant back against her seat.

she allowed herself one last glance outside, as her mother pulled the curtains shut.


hellooooo, guys!! i’m not actually sure what inspired this, but i did think a bit of alice in alice in wonderland. ya know, the first movie? the non-cartoon one? remember her at the beginning? yeah.

anyways, i don’t have much to say today so:



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i have seen your words
i have heard your stories
and i wonder how
you could bear to
leave your vivid imaginations
those colorful worlds you dream up
in exchange for this drab one
this dull place we call reality


hey, friends!! okay, remember when i said i was obsessed with sparklers? i still am. so here’s a nice picture of one. because sparklers mean celebration, right? which means i probably have some good news (which i do). yay!

OKAY. so. i’m going to be a contributor on !! so i’ll be posting on there, as well as here. this is kinda like a big thing for me, because i never thought my little blog would receive any recognition of any sort, so i’m actually really happy.

anyways, authors get their own profile page for their articles and things, you can find me here. it would really mean A LOT to me if you would show me some support there (maybe give me a follow? hehe)

well then. i was going to post something this week when i (coincidentally) received the email from the my trending stories admin, so i decided to combine my planned post and my happy news announcement post together.