holding hands


home is when he held me in his arms
we sat together in the grass
and gazed up at the stars

home is when we sat at the same table
we chattered and made jokes
and laughed like there was no tomorrow

home is when i stayed by my lonesome
at my corner of the small library
with a small mountain of books to keep me company

home is when we laugh
at inside jokes that nobody understands
enclosed in our own little bubble


hello, y’all.

it’s been fast, hasn’t it? june is almost over now. soon enough, we’ll be looking back at july, then august. and looking towards september and…school.

but i’m pretty excited for school. summer’s a little…dare i say, boring right now. there, i said it. i can’t even count the number of books i’ve read so far this holiday (actually, i probably could. i just didn’t bother to HA)  non-HD movies from the internet? check. weekly trips to the library? check. extra music assignments? check.

well then. i’ll stop my complaining there. hope y’all enjoyed this:)







my aesthetic

rain 1

/via tumblr/

the aftermath of
a rainstorm
glistening streets
under car headlights

bruised colored skies
crying showers of rain
cool breeze
caressing my skin

flashing headlights
dancing across
streets that
glisten with rain


heeeeeeeyyyy y’all. i haven’t been on since forever, but i’M BACK NOW!! yay!!

so exams are over, school is over, and now we have summer. finally. i’ve started writing again recently, so all’s well and good. thanks y’all for staying on with me even though i don’t post a whole lot. it really means a lot to me:)

anyways, i started a side blog on tumblr just for poetry. i post there a lot more often, but truth be told, wordpress is mah main always *wink*.

well then. until next time!!