wild {2.0}

girl 8

/via tumblr/

she stands barefooted amidst a grassy field, head tilted up towards the cornflower blue sky. in her hands, she carefully grips a small bouquet of wildflowers, its roots still clinging to dirt. wondrously, her gaze turn to the heavens, pale pink rosebud lips parted slightly. her eyes, clear and innocent as one untainted by worldly corruption, shine with genuine joy. seemingly unconcerned with the grubby state of her arms and legs, she bothers not to brush the grass and dirt staining her delicate white dress. why would she? “unclean” had no place in her young mind, only the pleasure of dancing wildly through the prairie, chasing gophers and picking flowers for Mother. wind rips at her dress and long bright red hair. several strands catch the light of the blazing sun, creating the illusion of fire streamlining behind her. cheeks rosy from running, she laughs with wild abandon as she welcomes the sweet scent of summer.


hello, y’all. i haven’t had much time to write recently because my finals are coming up soon (eek)! they’re in 3 weeks and i am. so. not. ready. 

but i reeeally wanted to post something, so here you have a one of my assignments for english. it’s a sketch and it was surprisingly fun to do. but of course, we had to follow certain requirements. for instance—

  • paragraphs must be 10-14 sentences. grade drop *horrified gasp* for each sentence above/below this limit.
  • no BE verbs (this is very bothersome)
  • may begin two sentences alike within the paragraph for effect, but you may not begin any sentences with a, an, or the.

see what i mean? so. much. limits. *screams*

also, if you’ve noticed, this piece is actually really similar to something i posted a little while back, titled wild. hence, the title here, wild {2.0}.

alright, well. i hope y’all enjoyed reading this (however horrible it is) at least a liiiiittle bit and—



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