fire 3

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but you, darling
you’re a fire
blazing bright
midst the shadows
of monotonous society


this is dedicated to a friend of mine.
dear you.
okay, you’re actually probably never going to see this. and even if you do, i don’t know if i would tell you this was for you.
i’ve only just realized you’ve been struggling quite a bit lately, and it was actually the slightest bit difficult for me to comprehend that at first because you’re always smiling and so happy. if you hadn’t said anything, i would never have imagined so. but there you are, willing to admit your faults, and wrestling with a lot of problems i once thought existed only in my mind.
please stay strong, okay? you’ve been a really good friend to me and even though we haven’t been close for long, you actually mean a lot to me.
press on, my friend.

this is for you x



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no one ever warns
little girls about
boys with pretty eyes
and beautiful smiles
who smell like rain
and taste of danger


i’ve been about 0% productive the past few days and it’s quite bothering. i fell sick, and i couldn’t do any work. but i didn’t feel like doing anything else either, not writing, not art. basically all i did was sleep, eat, and binge watch tv shows. it’s the kind of life i always thought i’d enjoy. alas, not accomplishing anything just made me grumpier and significantly worse about myself.

furthermore, the date of a major exam is looming over me like an annoying shadow i can’t ignore. it’s coming real soon and i’m regretting not studying as hard as i should have the past few years.

but hey, it’ll be over quickly. i just have to press on for a few more months, and then i’m done (at least for a while). AND I’LL BE BACK (i hope) WRITING POSTING MORE.