fire 1

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i reached out
like a moth to flame
and you
scorched me
with the heat
of your fiery soul


heyooo!!! okay so i do this thing where i type out nice stuff that i think of randomly on my phone. it’s basically just poetry, and i find that my best pieces are composed in the most awkward of places. like in cramped buses and such. and so i currently have a lot of short and (unpolished) poetry i think are actually quite nice??

anyways,,,i’m terrible at thinking up poetry titles, so i thought i’d start a new series of posts and label them “#1.”, “#2.”, “#3.” etc. uncreative, i know. but i really can’t think of a better way to do this hahah

well then, here’s #1.




the infinity dreams award!!

light bokeh 2

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okay, first of all, a tremendous thank you to Mei, over at Simply Me(i)!! she tagged me for the infinity dreams award, and oh, i do love tags. because it saves me time from thinking up a blog post topic:)


  1. thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. share eleven facts about yourself
  3. answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  4. nominate eleven bloggers and set questions for them

11 facts about me: 

  1. my love for exaggeration and bad jokes knows no limits.
  2. i like whipped cream. a lot. it’s basically an obsession.
  3. i love the british accent. it’s beautiful and all 1000 levels of swoon-worthiness.
  4. fandom/literature references in conversations make me smile.
  5. hedgehogs are so. cute. they’re such precious little darlings.
  6. stories that make me cry and laugh and wish for more are my babes.
  7. i don’t always feel like doing art, but when i do, i’m basically addicted.
  8. i’m always running out of books to read, despite my long list of to-reads. does that make sense? probably not. i don’t make sense to even myself.
  9. hmm basic, but i do love chocolate. and fries. and brownies.
  10. i’m a rant-y sort of person. also, i tend to ramble. a lot.
  11. i am that antisocial person in the back doing stuff on my phone so no one tries to talk to me. hi, by the way.


1. if you could travel and explore a certain place in the world, which location would you choose?

a certain place? only one?? well. almost anywhere in europe. like italy. and rome. also france. and germany. i hear they have really good food.

2. by the end of your life, what would you have wanted to have accomplished?

i guess i’d like to know that i’ve impacted someone in a huge way. that maybe something i’ve done or said helped someone become a better person.

3. do certain songs remind you of memories or certain times of your life?

oh, sure. i get tired of songs really easily and i’d just delete them, so right now i can’t think of many. but everything has changed by taylor swift would be one of them.

4. when we live our every-day lives, we will most likely come into contact with others, and in the long run, we impact those individual’s lives for better or for worse. so! do you think that our society has been a good steward with such a power?

rip easy questions. i can’t say this for the whole of the human society, but i think overall, yes. humans have this innate sense of knowing right and wrong. and so for the most part, people should be inclined towards doing good.

5. would you rather travel by plane or by train?

plane. no discussion needed.

6. what steps can you take to ultimately reach your dreams and goals?

i’d write more, do more art. but for now, it’s a lot more practical to just study. and study. aaand study some more.

7. what are your top three most FAVORITE quotes??

i have lots, so narrowing them down to 3 is hard. well.

you is kind. you is smart. you is important.

—kathryn stockett (the help)

her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.

—william goldman (the princess bride)

i love this book, by the way.

but a book is only the heart’s portrait- every page a pulse.

—emily dickinson

8. if you could eliminate one thing from your life, what would it be?

probably my lack of social-ness.

9. which do you prefer: a rainy day or a sunny day?

a rainy day.

10. about what percent of your day do you spend on social media?

um. a lot?

11. what’s your favorite game to play with a large amount of people?

mmm haven’t done that in a while. actually i have no clue.

well, there you go. you’ll now leave this page with more knowledge about me. very fantastic. ha ha i’m hilarious, i know.

my nominees:

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the nymph’s reply

deep inky blue



i don’t think i know 11 bloggers well enough to tag, so i took the liberty of shortening it to 5 for myself:)

i’m terrible at thinking up questions. so y’all can just use the questions Mei assigned to me!!

have fun!!

(p.s. if you want to do it, and i didn’t tag you, just go right ahead)