cry me a river


/via tumblr/

she washed her hands
in tears of sorrow
a waterfall of anguish
slipping through her fingertips
left in a whirlpool of her own thoughts
left to drown in shame


wew, it’s been long.


heartbeat song


/via tumblr/

his hands move deftly on the strings, his bow running swiftly, smoothly up and down. a tear slides down his cheek from his already shut eyes. the sound is nothing less than magical; wrenched with pain and sounding like the shattering of hearts, but still magical.

he dances across the room with his light colored hair messy and tangled into an organised mess. his body sways in the beat of the song and he plays and plays and plays.

she watches him. her eyes welling up with painful tears. his body moving faster and faster and faster. the notes, dissonant yet beautiful. because this song tells the story of his life-broken, destroyed, shattered, alone. the agony and the hurt flows from his fingers, to the strings, to the bows, to the melody.

and that’s what he is to her. a beautiful, painful song. humming with dissonant harmony.


this beautiful piece up here was written by my friend, dearest priscilla from oh-i-don’ because she’s still refusing to tell me the name of her blog *cue eye roll*. kidding, you’re wonderful, pris.

anyways, i haven’t had much time to write recently (shocker, i know, right?) and she very kindly allowed me to use one of her delightful writing pieces.

well, i hope you enjoyed reading it (because i did, very much)

have a wonderful day:)