girl 1

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lily breathed in the warm scent of fresh grass and summer air wafting in through her wide-open window. her eyes fluttered shut as she settled more comfortably on her soft duvet. sweet, sweet life, she mused silently.

a sudden rapping on the wooden frame of her door startled her into an upright position. she hurriedly retrieved her abandoned book from among the sheets and flipped it open to a random page.

her mother strode in, eyes glimmering in mirth. she hadn’t been fooled.

“mama,” lily muttered guiltily under her knowing gaze.

“papa and i are leaving for town right now, and we’ll be gone for a while. you’ll be alright alone?” lily nodded eagerly, perhaps a little too eagerly.

“yes, mama”

“well then,” her mother nodded with an amused smile. “see you in a few hours, sweetheart.”

lily all but whooped with joy as the familiar sound of creaking wagon wheels and the horses’ clopping hooves faded in the distance.

tossing her book back onto her bed, she wasted no time in dashing out the front door. she sighed in bliss as her bare feet dug into the soft dirt, not caring a bit about cleanliness.

if her parents were to see her like that now, they would be scandalized, for sure. they would reprimand her and mention something about the importance on being a “proper young lady”. it was to her relief that they were not. oh, she loved her parents, very much. but they could be…stifling at times.

she laughed loud with wild abandon, throwing her arms up and running up the grassy hill. lily inhaled deeply the freshness of nature and thought to herself, that she was the luckiest girl in the world.

her cheeks were tinged pink with excitement by the time she reached the top. strands of hair had escaped her braid, and were blowing messily around her face. lily gazed with adoration at the familiar country sight.

for one moment, she could almost believe that it all belonged to her. for that short moment, she was queen.