day 3//quote challenge

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i apologize for skipping a day, but i was really busy yesterday (not an excuse, i swear). so i’ll do the last day of the quote challenge today.

“the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
peter pan

basically, everything you can do is, believe it or not, limited to your imagination. if you think you can do it, you’re halfway there. but the second you stop believing in yourself, that’s the moment that you’ve failed.

i’ve been quite obsessed with peter pan lately. and it’s mostly (entirely) because of once upon a time, ya know, that tv show? it’s lovely, you should really watch it. i mean…




19 thoughts on “day 3//quote challenge

      1. It’s good you’re watching it by seasons. The episodes sometimes get draggy when you have to wait a whole week for the another one! Would suggest to watch season 5 once its over! I watched the 4th one like that! 🙂 xx

      2. don’t do that to yourself!!! xD though if your memory is bad it won’t be a problem. I have a horrible memory so I always forget what I read lol. But i still avoid spoilers. Pretty Little Liars was ruined for me though. The spoiler was too huge. -.-

      3. i can’t help it though!!! i’m just so excited:D ah PLL…i’ve been hearing a lot about it. i figured reading the books would be faster, so i didn’t bother with the show;) i’m on book 6 right now haha

      4. they’re not bad. well….they revealed mona. but then there’s ANOTHER A now, which is pretty annoying because I THOUGHT IT WAS “MYSTERY SOLVED CASE CLOSED” already *sighs*

      5. They are never going to reveal A it seems lol. I think we have the right A atm in the show. Though the teaser for the latter season shows the same running around and all that. I hope it’s worth our time. Been following this show from the very beginning.

      6. haha seriously? you’re at, like, season 6 now? wow, how frustrating. it should be the same as the show, but mona became A because of allison’s diary, right? and i think it really was her…so i’ve been thinking, maybe the whole of rosewood is in league against the four of them. meaning, once “A” dies, another “A” takes her place *shrugs* it’s possible. like a reality show or something?? idk i haven’t gone all the way to the end, so i’m just speculating from what i know so far.

      7. no?? or maybe i haven’t read until that part yet…i just googled her, and she’s revealed in season 3??? and i’m on book 6???? the books are so slow smh

      8. hahahah i think it’s best to just choose either the books or the show. that way, you won’t get bored. bUT i’m on book 8 rtn and ALISON’S ALIVE aNd tbh i like aria, but her obsession with older men is ew

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