day 2 // quote challenge

books 2.jpg

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day two of the quote challenge.

“but a book is only the heart’s portrait- every page a pulse.”
emily dickinson

i thought i should mention my uttermost love for books in a post soon, and so here it is. also, emily dickinson is infinitely marvelous and poet goals. if you haven’t read any of her works, i suggest you do so. like now. kidding. maybe later. but seriously, you should.

this comparison of the heart to a book is startlingly accurate. when you write something, you subconsciously put a little of your soul into it (aren’t we all just like voldemort then? ha.)

diary 1.gif

but i’m getting ahead of myself.

yep, so you can’t really help but insert pieces of yourself (not literally, please) into your writing. that’s what identifies your piece apart from others.

and how dickinson ever manages to state simple things in such a poetic manner, i will never know.


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