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it’s finally that time of the year when people start sharing about things they’re thankful for (which means we’re all the more closer to Christmas!! SQUEE!!!!)

anyways, a fellow blogger on our school entertainment forums came up with this fantastic writing exercise!! so she decided that she didn’t want to do a generic sorta list this year and thought she could try to create a new way to focus on things she was thankful for. what better way could there be than to use our senses?

so, here’s my list:

the ||SMELL|| of:

  • books
  • potpourri
  • rain
  • practically anything baking in the oven (food, obviously)
  • paint


the ||SOUND|| of:

  • music (sorry, i couldn’t resist the reference)
  • pouring rain against the windows
  • laughter
  • everything on my spotify playlist:-))


the ||SIGHT|| of:

  • new books (i get shivers just thinking about it)
  • the library
  • my favourite movies/tv shows
  • scrolling through instagram
  • amazing blogs
  • fire (i’m strange, i know)


the ||TOUCH|| of:

  • anything fluffy
  • a book
  • my computer keyboard
  • pillows (they’re really soft, okay)
  • my phone in my hand (there’s totally nothing wrong with this)


the ||TASTE|| of:

  • chocolate. especially white. 
  • whipped cream
  • strawberries
  • ice cream
  • caramel


there, i’m done. well, not really. it’s also my mom’s birthday today!! and i’m really, very grateful for her. okay, so there have been a liiittle bit more than average conflicts between us, but hey, i still love her. this woman gave birth to me. there must be something seriously wrong with me if i don’t recognize that for the amazing feat it is. also, she managed to put up with me for so long. i have to admit, i’m not the most cooperative nor obedient child either.

my mom is practically the nicest and most forgiving person i know. she doesn’t retaliate nor fight back when other people wrong her (like, how??) evidently, i inherited literally close to none of her goodness. i’ve seen her break down in tears far too many times than she should. most of these times, the sounds of her sobbing weren’t even meant for my ears. but i hear them anyway. yet, despite everything, she doesn’t lash it out on other people (not much. most of the time i deserve it anyway ha).

so shoot me if what she’s done, both as a mother and as a person in general, isn’t incredible.


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