thankful lists//the senses

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it’s finally that time of the year when people start sharing about things they’re thankful for (which means we’re all the more closer to Christmas!! SQUEE!!!!)

anyways, a fellow blogger on our school entertainment forums came up with this fantastic writing exercise!! so she decided that she didn’t want to do a generic sorta list this year and thought she could try to create a new way to focus on things she was thankful for. what better way could there be than to use our senses?

so, here’s my list:

the ||SMELL|| of:

  • books
  • potpourri
  • rain
  • practically anything baking in the oven (food, obviously)
  • paint


the ||SOUND|| of:

  • music (sorry, i couldn’t resist the reference)
  • pouring rain against the windows
  • laughter
  • everything on my spotify playlist:-))


the ||SIGHT|| of:

  • new books (i get shivers just thinking about it)
  • the library
  • my favourite movies/tv shows
  • scrolling through instagram
  • amazing blogs
  • fire (i’m strange, i know)


the ||TOUCH|| of:

  • anything fluffy
  • a book
  • my computer keyboard
  • pillows (they’re really soft, okay)
  • my phone in my hand (there’s totally nothing wrong with this)


the ||TASTE|| of:

  • chocolate. especially white. 
  • whipped cream
  • strawberries
  • ice cream
  • caramel


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