the thingamajigg toyshop

shop 3

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It came in the night, without warning. A vacant space one day, and a fully-furnished toy shop, the next. No advertisements beforehand, no posters to herald its arrival.

The Thingamajigg Toyshop, it was called, a fitting name for a such a curious-looking shop. It had a bright and playful, yet mysterious air about it, a great contrast from its dull, dingy city surroundings. It was a peculiar place, one which no one had ever seen the likes of. What marvellous toys it sold, for sure! Capes that allowed their wearers to fly, playing cards that disappeared and appeared with the slightest flick of a finger, multicolored paints that allowed its user to camouflage…all manner of eccentricities that sent the children into the wildest frenzy.

The shopkeeper was an elderly woman who spoke none, and only nodded and smiled, baring her toothless pink gums in all their glory, at customers. She was quite plump and rosy-cheeked, her grey hair was always knotted into a neat bun, thin, white strands falling about her kindly face. Her wrinkled hands tended to shake unsteadily while holding something. Fine embroidery and intricate gearwork was surely no work for the trembly limbs of an old woman. It was clear that she could not be the one behind the wondrous, though very odd, toys.

The toys were replenished each night. Every evening, the shop would be wiped clean-out (people never tired of them), and filled to the brim with fresh stock in the morning.

Who the creator of these fantastical objects? Everyone wanted to know. And how ever did he make them? They defied every scientific law thought up by the cleverest people of that time. Some said it was the work of the Devil. Others said, a magician? Could he be both? Was he either?


DISCLAIMER: this was very much unedited, and may will contain many (hopefully not fully cringe-worthy) mistakes. i just thought this would be an interesting thing to write, and so i did. i apologize for any unpalatable word-blunders in there.

otherwise, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did, writing it!


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