everything has changed


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all i know since yesterday, is everything has changed. —taylor swift

“bye. see you, um, soon?” i coughed, lifting a hand to signal an awkward goodbye.

“yeah, sure,” you smiled back. there was a palpable tension stretched between us, and you felt it too, i was sure. but neither of us acknowledged it. not knowing what else to do, i flashed a quick grin at you, and turned to go on my own way. a few seconds later, i looked back. you were gone.


do you remember the time when we called each other best friends? i do. remember how we would text each other the most ridiculous things, talk for hours over the phone, have long discussions over everything and anything we felt like telling each other?

no matter how much we fought, however bad our arguments got, we always made up, and promised that we would stay best friends forever. i still have those cards you made me when i was sick in bed, those childishly-scrawled notes we snuck to and fro under the table during lessons? do you even remember them?

it’s not like we got into a fight or something. so how did we just…stop? i remember when people warned us that being too close would ruin our friendship. we vowed that wouldn’t ever happen to us. but guess what? it did.

the funny thing is, no one’s even surprised by this. am i the only one who is? i miss everything we had about our friendship. our sleepovers, playtimes, secret-sharing sessions…we spent so much time together that people thought we were really siblings.
i never felt the need to feel embarrassed or shy around you. how could i? we were practically of the same mind. and now? we don’t talk much anymore. and when we do, it feels weird. we’re like newly-met people who don’t have enough of that connection to be anything more than acquaintances. so much changed between us. i miss you, best friend. i miss us. has everything really changed for good?


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