let you go


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sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.

i snuck yet another glance up at you from the book i had been pretending to read for the past twenty minutes. ordinarily, i would’ve passed the page-50 mark by now, but i was much slower than usual today. my eyes followed your movement carefully as you stood from your seat and approached her with a shy grin. you opened your arms wide, and i watched as she fell eagerly into your embrace.

“hey, love,” i heard you say, inducing a giggle when you leant down to press a soft kiss on her uplifted cheek. something tightened around my heart briefly, then loosened. i had to let you go, for good this time.

we never truly belonged together, i knew. i just refused to believe. it was right in front of me now, there was no way I could deny it anymore. i took a deep breath…and let you go.