let you go


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sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.

i snuck yet another glance up at you from the book i had been pretending to read for the past twenty minutes. ordinarily, i would’ve passed the page-50 mark by now, but i was much slower than usual today. my eyes followed your movement carefully as you stood from your seat and approached her with a shy grin. you opened your arms wide, and i watched as she fell eagerly into your embrace.

“hey, love,” i heard you say, inducing a giggle when you leant down to press a soft kiss on her uplifted cheek. something tightened around my heart briefly, then loosened. i had to let you go, for good this time.

we never truly belonged together, i knew. i just refused to believe. it was right in front of me now, there was no way I could deny it anymore. i took a deep breath…and let you go.

of characters and road trips

road trip

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The Marauders (Harry Potter):

James would be the one driving, half of his attention on the road, and the other half dedicated to composing (rather horrible-sounding) ballads to woo Lily.

Remus would be sitting in the back reading his book peacefully, a worn suitcase holding a heap of unread books he bought just for the occasion, on the seat next to him. Ignoring his friends with much success (he had a lot of practice).

Sirius would have been the first to call shotgun even though no one actually bothered to contest with him. He would be sticking his head out the window, whooping so loudly he disturbed several other people who drove past them. And he would glance at the side mirror every now and then to admire his reflection, and make sure his hair wasn’t getting too mussed up.

Peter would be encouraging James and giving him equally horrible suggestions to add to the nonsensical concoction of words he called a love song.


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